Storm Door Installation Tips

Installing storm window repair is one of those home fixes that you need to undertake before the cold and winter months come. It’s a very easy project to do which requires the use of basic tools that you may already have at home.

Door Measurement and Orientation

Using a tape measure, determine the width and height of the door opening. This is basically the space that’s defined by the inside portion of the casing. Although most storm window cleaning are reversible, you generally should install it in such a way that the hinges will be on the same side as the front portion.

If the type of door that you have comes with a screen and glass and they are both removable, you should take them out now. This can help to lighten the load which makes the installation much easier. You can simply put the screen and the glass back into place at a later time.

Install the Hinge Plate

The hinge plate, also known as hinge rail, is a long metal section in which the door is going to be attached. With the use of a hacksaw, slice the hinge plate so it will have the same length as that of the vertical measurement of the opening. Then install the hinge plate towards the storm door along with its fasteners.

Attach to Door Opening

Next, place the door towards the opening. Attach the hinge plate portion towards the front of the casing. In this step, you may need to have a helper so that the other person can hold the door while you’re screwing it in place.

Using your level, check to make sure that the door is plumbed (vertical). Even if the casing is not plumbed perfectly, it’s important that the storm door is plumbed well.

Install the Drip Cap

The drip cap, also known as rail, is a short metal section that goes beyond the storm door in order to keep the rainwater from getting into the door frame.

Place a bead of caulk at the drip cap and screw it in front of the door casing.

Install Jamb

The jamb is basically the vertical section of the metal where the latch of the door will engage. You should screw the jamb into place. Test the door to ensure that it closes and opens correctly.

Install Door Closers and Handle

If your door comes with closers, now is the time to attach them. You will usually install one on top and then another one at the bottom. Finally, install the strike plate, door handle, and latch.

Test the door again to ensure that it will open and close without any issues. Also, check if the latches are properly shut and won’t interfere with the exterior of the door itself.

Installing storm window installation is one of those remodeling projects that you’ll feel confident about because the rewards surpass the amount of time you spend in it, as well as the cost that you’re going to spend for the materials.