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View a Pretty and Practical Kitchen Nook Makeover

Geometric wallpaper, traces of natural substances and thoughtful personal touches fully remodeled this nook in a San Francisco Bay Area kitchen. Interior designer Cristin Priest was tired of this dark space that sat just around the corner from her kitchenand wanted to inject it with color and a feeling of relaxation. A fun new palette and practical additions make this perfect hangout area for her and her kids. Cristin Priest Simplified Bee The 6- by 6 1/2-foot nook now has a brand new feel. A mix of cheerful green and warm organic tones creates an inviting area. Before Photo Cristin Priest Simplified Bee BEFORE: Constructed in 1940, Priest’s house had the proof of its era. The nook was initially equipped simply with wooden benches and a Formica table (which had already been replaced when this photo was taken). “It was magical, but it needed a little facelift,” she says. The kelly…


11 Tips to Get Picture-Perfect Mantel Styling All Year

Styling your mantel throughout the holidays can be a piece of cake, given those distinctive decorations you choose out annually. But when those are packed away and you’re left with a vacant mantel, how can you get the focal point of your living room or room looking picture perfect? Here are some approaches for styling your mantel just like a pro year round. 8Foot6 Start with the art. One large part, about two-thirds the size of this mantel itself, will get you almost all the way there. Then layer on further elements in smaller sizes, ideally in complementary colors or themes. sarah & bendrix Follow the rule of three. A trio of objects gathered on the mantel in sizes large, medium and small will look brilliant. Jessica Helgerson Interior Design If you don’t have one impressive large piece to hang, a small gallery wall of 3 similar-size paintings is nice,…

Eclectic Homes

Heighten a Room With Vertical Tongue and Groove Wall Paneling

As the wife of an expert carpenter, I’ve been spoiled by being able to fill my house with rich architectural details for merely the cost of stuff. We have established a space with a coffered ceiling, added crown molding throughout our house and even appointed carriage doors to our garage from scratch. Next on our architectural jazzification list is installing vertical tongue and groove wall paneling in our dining room. Tongue and groove joints allow flat pieces of wood to be combined together to create a single level surface. Famous for their rich texture, stripy pattern and ability to dramatically heighten the interest of a space, vertical tongue and groove walls are spectacular in comparison to the blank canvas of shingles. We are especially excited to include tongue and groove since it’s an efficient method to provide the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. Our dining…

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Locate Your Christmas Tree Personality

Every Christmas tree reflects its owner’s individual taste, whether it’s contemporary weathered, bohemian glam, steadfastly traditional or urban micro. Take a peek at these tree designs of our times and see if one matches you. Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg Molly Brandenburg More: 8 Clues You’re a Creative Type ers Deck the Halls See related

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Kitchen of the Week: Wood-Loving Luxuriousness at Vancouver

A large curving island which echoes the waves of the sea outside shapes the design and performance of this Vancouver Island kitchen. This couple wanted their next home to have a highly personalized kitchen — one which would permit them to host family dishes where they can all cook and hang out together. Ines Hanl of The Sky is the Limit Design worked with the customers’ want list to design a kitchen which will honor the home’s timber-frame structure, the beautiful surrounding landscape and their personal style. “It’s nothing for the faint of heart, for certain!” Hanl states. Click photos to view larger pictures in a slide show. The Sky is the Limit Design Hanl combined the customers’ design ideas with another organic West Coast design that reflects the surrounding homes and surroundings; she used driftwood, pebbles, different types of timber and flowing shapes that mimic the water outside. “It…

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Regency Style Shows Interiors a Grand Time

England’s prince regent from the early 19th century, who later became King George IV, had a notoriously flamboyant lifestyle, was a leader of fashion and has been an avid collector who spent money on creating densely decorated homes. His reign (1811 to 1830) is currently called the regency period, or period of regency classicism; it followed the Georgian period. The style has its roots in the neoclassicism of the late 18th century, but the colonial holdings of England and France and the developing knowledge of distant civilizations spurred a fascination with exotic themes. The span became a strange mix of classicism and fantasy — an age of extremes from which we take much inspiration today. Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design The most spectacular example of the regency period is that the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, U.K. — a home and pleasure palace intended for the prince by John Nash….

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12 Hallmarks of a Preppy Home

In contrast to popular opinion, preppy style doesn’t discriminate. This timeless, all-American look is steeped in history and timeless style. Whether you’ve opted for pastels and paisley or prefer wood paneling and fitting mallards, adhere to these essentials to get a truly preppy home — even in the event that you don’t have a membership to the local country club. Nina Montenegro Nina Montenegro Nina Montenegro See related