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Beachy Townhouse Getaway at San Diego

After Mark and Debbie Clausen bought their San Diego townhouse, they had been seeking a change of scenery from their mountainside Craftsman at Mammoth Lakes, California. They sought sea breezes and minimalist design, and bought the 1973 home as an occasional shore retreat and a place to their 24-year-old daughter, Tessa, a teacher, to live year-round. To integrate flexibility and function using their outdoorsy design, Mark and Debbie aimed for a clean, hotel-inspired look that wasn’t overly stark. “If a couple of grains of sand creep in front door, it’s all part of this aesthetic,” Debbie says. The townhome underwent an eight-month renovation such as new flooring remedies, bathrooms and furniture, and retextured ceilings and walls. “Our Mammoth home is mountainy and dark, so we needed it light, airy, open rather than a lot of stuff on the walls. Clean and simple, but maybe not supermodern,” she says. in a…


Built-ins Boost Storage in Small Baths

I have the world’s tiniest master bath. Though it’s plagued by a grab bag of design problems, such as brass sconces that somebody inexplicably dangled at chest height, my most pressing issue is storage. The skimpy cabinets and pint-size vanity shirt sometimes make me want to yank out my hair (particularly as I blow dry it in a room the size of a breadbox). My present “alternative” is really a basket that corrals toiletries, at least when I remember to stick back in there. But hope is on the horizon: We’re planning a remodel, sooner rather than later. And though we will not be gaining square footage, I have been on the search for storage approaches that can help us squeeze the most from the space we’ve got. These 10 clever built-ins are going into the idea file. Amoroso Design This slim structure packs at a lot of work, from…

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Luxuriate in a Gentlemen's Club Look at Home

Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford is my favorite movie. I have seen it at least 50 times over the past 25 decades. The movie is set in colonial Africa around 1915. I have studied each established layout at length; I understand the colors and textures of every scene as well as I understand my own house. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when Streep’s character is encouraged into a “men only” area of the local social club. The area has beautiful wood information, white walls and taxidermy everywhere. Men lounge in the pub, drinking scotch and whiskey. Numerous tables and chairs serve as the collecting point for dialogue and debate. There are several things in my mind that make a space manly: wood paneling, books, a fireplace and big leather chairs. Furthermore, a masculine space has a feeling of solitude and simplicity. Take…

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Give Your Garden a Gate Mate

Do you need to keep little critters from your garden? Or nosy neighbors? Or maybe you require privacy in your garden. No matter what your problem is, chances are that a great gate is the answer. It’s easy to discover gates made from iron, wood, cement and more. The materials are numerous, and the design choices are limitless. From contemporary steel sculptures to traditional wrought iron, some great gate is the best way to add privacy, protection and style to your lawn. Zeterre Landscape Architecture This contemporary metal gate offers complete protection. Notice how the dark gray-brown picks up on the colour tones of the surrounding stone. Stark black could have been jarring, but this color choice melds beautifully. AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.. Want something warmer? This variant from AMS Landscape Design Studios is wood and has a Mondrian-inspired cutout strategically positioned at eye level. The expansive standard of…

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Indoor Gardener: Orchids Bring Beauty to Decor

Orchids were much less commonplace than they are today and were regarded as a genuine luxury. In reality, in ancient times, the term “orchidelirium” was coined to describe the frenzy of orchid collectors. Today, you can grab an orchid at Home Depot or Ikea — hardly exotic. However, this doesn’t create these unusual flowering plants any less beautiful. There are thousands of hybrids and species of orchids. Whether you are a collector of rare specimens or a purchaser of a basic phalaenopsis in the home improvement store, an orchid is an excellent addition to any room. But, orchids can take delicate care: They favor bright sunshine and higher humidity (which you can supply through daily misting). Orchids also undergo a very long period of dormancy (not flowering) following their blossoms have faded. Here is a collection of handsome rooms that all contain orchids; take your inspiration from these spectacular specimens….

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Easels Take a Stand

Easels aren’t just for artists. This portable alternative way to display artwork can look quite chic and match within the context of any area. From tabletop models used to display smaller work to oversized floor bits used to showcase large oil paintings, easels give an easy vehicle to create a statement with your art. The easel itself dates back to ancient Egypt, where large panels rested tripod structures. There are numerous types of it, from the very basic tripod to the travel easel. The screen easel became popular for presentations and also to showcase artwork within the home. There are a selection of versions, from ornate and wooden to sleek and modern acrylic. Outdoor artists’ traveling easels also have become popular for displaying bits and look great in home offices or libraries. Just take a look in any way ways individuals are using the easel — and preventing putting another…

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Whether This Shoe Were an Area…

Christian Louboutin, shoe designer of the stars, celebrates his company’s 20th anniversary with the start of a capsule collection at the close of the month. Before you take a look at the shoe-inspired spaces below, here are a few -related tidbits about the craftsman behind the towering, red-soled stilettos: his father was a cabinet maker. And his partner? A landscape artist. I am not much of a stiletto fanatic, but I am motivated by beautiful things, and also the Louboutin has got me thinking: What if the shoe had been a room, a part of the home or a piece of furniture? What could it look like? Only for fun, I used a couple of pairs from the collection to learn. Louboutin’s capsule collection is an homage to his love of cabaret and showgirls, and also the Pensee, in this lovely mimosa colour, calls to mind the iconic black,…

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Handmade Home

I enjoy changing things around the house to make a new, fresh look, but I do not always have a great deal of money to do so. Something as simple as restyling your bookcases is an cheap and easy way to change up the look of your room. As you browse through house design photos, you are bound to see beautifully styled bookcases and shelves. You jump right in or, even if you are like me, could begin by gathering some pictures! Browse more shelf displays I use my bookcases to display some of my favorite things. Photos, novels, ironstone, silver trays and classic cameras are simply a few examples of items I like to display. I enjoy blending the old with the new for a fresh look. 1. Clear off your shelves. By beginning with a blank canvas you won’t be tempted to leave anything in the same location….

Coastal Style

Traditional, Collected Style in Oregon

Thirteenth’s time the Appeal for Craig Fletcher and homeowners Jenine. In addition to Oregon (where They’ve lived in four Distinct houses ), Craig’s work has taken the few to Atlanta, Ga., Yakima and Bellevue, Wash., Denver, Colo., Boise, Idaho, Santa Rosa and Huntington Beach, Calif., and Salt Lake City, Utah. In May of 2011 they eventually found a traditional-style house in Tualatin, Ore. they intend to retire in. “We probably looked at 50 other houses before we found that one,” says Jenine. at a GlanceWho lives here: Jenine and Craig FletcherLocation: Tualatin, Ore.. Size: 3,500-square-foot two-story house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths Jenine and Craig removed a few trees that were overshadowing the house and killing the lawn. They reseeded the lawn and added smaller trees into the landscape. They also altered the exterior paint colour which was tan-green with glowing green walls to Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint…

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Design Photography: When the Fog Rolls In

Nine out of 10 professional photos documenting architecture from the daytime seem to get taken when the sun is shining. Sure, on sunny days, the components may give a photographer reason to not shoot, but the perfect is to show a landscape or building in the best light. Sunlight allows materials and forms to stand out and be read more clearly against its backdrop, creating a reasonably consistent aesthetic within architectural photography. Therefore it is refreshing to see evidence that embraces other environmental conditions, especially fog. Comparing sunny and foggy days, the former is bright, vibrant, and eloquent, although the latter is muted, gray (mostly ), and indefinite. Or to put it another way, sunny photos present crystal-clear graphics, but foggy ones let the imagination fill in the blanks. Fog exists as a layer between our eyes and certain pieces of advice: architecture, landscapes, distant vistas. This ideabook celebrates foggy…