Loving Shade: More Ways to Like Stripes

Like the stripes you are seeing in home décor almost anyplace? Stripes add something unexpected to your space, and may even visually expand a room. However, instead of thinking about the typical alternating stripes in just two colours, the stripes can be implemented in many different ways, widths and colours. If you believe this idea may be up your alley, check out the following images to see if those stripe designs might be for you.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Small rooms, like baths, may gain from horizontal stripes, as they help the space to appear bigger. A variety of green colors are punctuated by an unexpected pop of blue at those stripes, providing this toilet a fresh, joyful vibe.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Who said each stripe has to be the exact same width? Having a version in size, this striped wall takes on an entirely new attitude. Throw pillows and upholstery pull the color of the stripes to the room, helping the general appearance to feel cohesive.

Give bold a try by selecting bright colours and skinnier widths which make room for longer stripes. This bathroom will certainly wake you up in the daytime.

Amy Lau Design

Children’s rooms are fantastic places to have fun, and stripes are the ideal outlet. Begin with a white background and paint three additional wide stripes in various colours. Your children will have the coolest bedroom at the neighborhood.

Jodie Rosen Design

Here is another striped wall in a room, highlighted by alphabet tiles.

Dufner Heighes Inc

Mud rooms can always use a little additional love. This mud room went out of everyday to colorfully expressive with the addition of stripes.

Klang & Associates

If you enjoy the idea of stripes but aren’t sure about covering the entire wall, then go for a single accent stripe. You can apply it to a single wall or take it around the entire room. In any event, it is going to introduce an interesting décor component to your space.

Ragan Corliss

A edge in a darker color accentuates this stripe, giving it emphasis and representing the richer colours of this area’s palette.

The Shabby Nest

When considering your stripe program, consider your furnishings. This designer used the 1 stripe idea, yet took careful measurements so the very top of this headboards hit the bottom of the stripe, developing a cohesive design.

The Yellow Cape Cod

Just take the one-stripe idea a step further by breaking it into smaller stripes. It supplies the stripe more definition and energy.

KannCept Design, Inc..

Or what about 2 stripes? The stripes on this wall instantly catch the eye, creating a distraction from noticing the reduced ceiling of this living room.

1 2 S T U D I O . C O M

There is no reason not to go with alternating stripes, but you might change this up a bit by varying the heights. An ultra skinny stripe mixed with a extra wide stripe provides this chamber with a unique focus.

Nobody said the ceiling has been off limits. Use this photo to inspire a totally distinctive stripe program. This stripe manages to feel both retro and modern all at once, and you certainly won’t find it everywhere you turn.

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