7 Inspirational Sunroom Design Ideas

window repair are now part of many homes. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, getting your daily dose of sunshine is easy and while sunrooms offer you that opportunity, they also play a key role in contributing to the overall home appeal.

Well, in case you are planning to set up a sunroom in your house, we have prepared a list of simple ideas below that may interest you:

The Beverly Hills Bay Window

The Beverly Hills bay window is basically a cushioned banquette complimented with simple pillows that fit perfectly on the contours of the entire window. This design was found in a 1920s home in Beverly Hills and it’s decorated with additional Windsor chairs and old English tables for the ideal rustic ambiance.

Basic Front Porch Design

From this front porch sunroom design, we start with wood frame windows that enclose the porch at the front. There’s an additional folding bench dating back to the 19th century and eastern European style wood and fabric chairs. The arrangement is topped with pillows covered in antique sacks.

Screened Porch Design

window cleaning features forest green shades that are carefully hanged on the porch. There’s a suspended wicker chair and also a suspended sofa. The accessories are pillows covered in colorful textiles from Africa. The floor is stained concrete and a simple table at the center completes everything.

Red and White Sunroom Design

This one comes with a combination of red and white upholstery and a wide range of topiaries. It’s all about color here yet the vintage style armchairs, a woven rattan chaise, and an inspirational cocktail table at the center have their own charm too. Great choice for anyone!

Long Island Porch

We found this porch on Long Island and it’s its simplicity that caught our attention. It features a simple and casual dining area. The butterfly chairs dating as far back as the 1950s are joined by a plywood table at the top with folding legs at the bottom. There’s a stainless steel screen held together by simple wood framing.

Southampton Weekend Home Sunroom

This sunroom in a weekend home in Southampton, NY, comes with beautiful powder blue walls with amazing window shades. At the center stands an antique Italian cocktail table. Its dark finish is removed in order to blend well with the only sofa at the corner and the Chippendale chair on the other side. The sofa is accessorized with additional pillows too.

Screened Porch

This screened porch was spotted in a country retreat in Texas. It comes with two vintage style rattan rocking chairs with a complimentary Marc du Plantier 1935 sofa on one end. To keep up with the vintage style, there’s a vintage workbench at the center used as the cocktail table. A plant pot stands in the middle to add life to the ambiance.

Well, designing your own window installation can be a challenge if you have never done it before, but there are so many ideas available. The ones above are just but a taste of what’s out there. Take your time to make sure that you pick a design that you love.