Built-ins Boost Storage in Small Baths

I have the world’s tiniest master bath. Though it’s plagued by a grab bag of design problems, such as brass sconces that somebody inexplicably dangled at chest height, my most pressing issue is storage. The skimpy cabinets and pint-size vanity shirt sometimes make me want to yank out my hair (particularly as I blow dry it in a room the size of a breadbox).

My present “alternative” is really a basket that corrals toiletries, at least when I remember to stick back in there. But hope is on the horizon: We’re planning a remodel, sooner rather than later. And though we will not be gaining square footage, I have been on the search for storage approaches that can help us squeeze the most from the space we’ve got. These 10 clever built-ins are going into the idea file.

Amoroso Design

This slim structure packs at a lot of work, from the cupboard and towel cubby on one side to the open shelving on the other. Small slices of space like this, often lurking next to a sink, tub or mirror, cry out to be put to use.

The Kingston Group – Remodeling Experts

Here is another great example of wasted space turned workhorse. A slim built-in unit climbs between the mirrors, maintaining toiletries close at hand when getting ready for the day.

Harmonique Design

A shallow niche puts a minimal spin on between-the-mirrors storage. This also is a great way to divide a frameless wall-to-wall mirror.

No wall area is too skinny for shelving. It is generally pretty easy to retrofit a tub with recessed components, particularly in the event that you can set them between wall studs.

Normandy Remodeling

I don’t have a tub, but if I did I would totally copy this appearance. The beadboard-backed shelves pull double duty: Not only do they home towels and other miscellany, but they also provide a clean wall a focal point. You may even try this therapy using a freestanding, weatherproof shelving device, provided that you bolt it securely to the wall.

Michael Knowles, Architect

With a mirrored cupboard and open shelving integrated into a single bit, these built-ins are a textbook example of efficient design.

Rise Construction

Shelves tucked behind a full-length mirror expand the traditional medicine cabinet approach — particularly in a tub with windows over the sink, like this one.

In a little toilet, you need to squeeze work from each inch of space — even right within the door. A built-in shelf provides extra room for the supplies. Even the DIY-challenged like me could probably deal with a very simple project such as this.

Donna DuFresne Interior Design

The sliver of space next to this sink might have languished unused, but these homeowners saw an opportunity and pounced. A tiny recessed cabinet offers just enough room to keep bath necessities from crowding the sink.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

I have saved the best for the last. Some people may have tucked guest towels to this powder room shelving unit; these homeowners packed it with novels. What a clever and unexpected way to take their collection throughout the home!

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