Secondhand Accessories Bring First-Class Style

When the purse strings become tightened and the budget is a daily conversation topic, house d├ęcor and accessories frequently fall to the bottom of the priority list. Having a limited budget, a little creativity and a great deal of patience, you are able to score bargains on fun, new accessories for your house without spending an arm and a leg. Have a look at the tendencies found in thrift shops this month by your very own personal shopper — all less than $5 each.


Humbert Throw by Missoni Home – $475

When Missoni came out with a new line that stormed Target stores and caused the online website to crash, you’d better think that I wanted a piece of that action! The upgraded color palette and chevron pattern has been the ideal way to add a punch to my off-white sofas.

It seems the style is anywhere. Stunning chevron prints in many different shades and fabrics — all from my budget. What to do for my chevron accent piece? Hit local thrift shops.

Amy Renea

Homemade afghans and throws are still prevelant at local thrift shops. For between $3 and $10, you can pick up your very own eye-popping chevron design for a fraction of the retail cost.

Buying strategy: Color! There are lots of, many afghans to pick from, but a lot of these are in dated color schemes. Keep looking till you find the ideal combination of contemporary colours.

Restoration Hardware

Pool Locker Baskets – $39

While I was in the thrift shop, I remembered to check for metal bits. Metal baskets and storage containers are back in a big way. It is possible to find fantastic ones in house shops and catalogs, and if you like treasure hunts, you can find similar items at industrial auctions, at thrift shops and in piles of curbside freebies.

Amy Renea

Here is my salvaged wire basket, spray-painted an obsolete brass shade and filled with dining-room accoutrements.

Buying strategy: Look past color. The color of metal is very, very simple to modify. Spray paint adheres easily to many metals and can totally change the look of the item.

West Elm

Cable Drink Caddy – $19

Another current trend in metalworks is beverage caddies. Beauties such as these, complete with handles and drinkware, can sell for $10 to $75.

Amy Renea

I picked up my caddy for free in an auction. The caddy was part of an whole table that another lien obtained for $3. I offered to cover that 1 piece, but he graciously gave it to me personally. After eliminating the glasses, I spray-painted the whole piece and added tin cans for storage.

Buying strategy: be eager to ask different bidders to make a deal with you. You might score a freebie.


Henri Dining Chair, Pink – $168

I simply adore this bentwood Henri chair by Anthropologie, but that I can not swing the $168 cost at the moment. The burst of orange and traditional shape are just ideal, though. How to proceed?

Amy Renea

Keeping my eyes open for roadside finds contributed to a fun alternative. This traditional bentwood chair was ready to go to the ditch, but I jumped out and snagged it. Following a coat of coral or orange, it won’t be exactly like the Anthropologie attractiveness, but it will be delightful in its own manner.

Buying strategy: Do not be scared to catch an abandoned piece of furniture off the curb. People often throw out perfectly good bits. Just make sure that it’s clearly up for grabs (ask if you’re not sure), in strong state and hasn’t sustained severe water damage.


Rediscovered Flatware – $36

While actual silver is a score in thrift shops, it’s rare to find any. Typically, silver goes because of its true value at auction.

Amy Renea

However, you can find silverware boxes for pennies. Silver frequently was sold off by the piece, and by the time the box was empty, the silver was homeless to different pawn shops. Boxes held no value, so that they were tossed to the loft. Today, thrift shops are swimming with them. Get a box for anywhere from a quarter to $3. This particular box cost 30 cents.

Amy Renea

What can you use these boxes to get? The opportunities are infinite. I made a small effort table from this box and put it to use for stationery supplies. Another box serves as a catchall on our kitchen faucet. What can you dream up?

Buying strategy: Sniff the wood. If it doesn’t smell of smoke, you can rip out the liner and give the box new life. If it will have a smoke odor, then you should probably pass on it. The smell of smoke is notoriously hard to eliminate.

Pottery Barn

Acorn Vase Filler – $14.50

While wire and metal bits are simple to find, glass is much easier. Square vases are rather beautiful and will give an arrangement a contemporary bent. It is possible to buy these vases at retail cost or visit your neighborhood thrift shop for something similar that’s still in great form. For pennies, you are able to score one or more of those charmers. Fill your glasses with actual acorns you find outdoors and you have saved much more.

Buying suggestion: When shopping for glassware, choose the pieces up and balance them on your hands. Quality glass may weigh more and break less easily.

Amy Renea

If you bring glassware home from the thrift shop, soak it in a sink full of warm, soapy water. Eliminate any price markers using a flour sack fabric then polish with vinegar. To eliminate stubborn watermarks, just spray on the glass with vinegar and allow it to sit for many hours. Scrub the stain and repeat the vinegar bath until your glass is crystal clear.

Amy Renea

Whether you’re trying to find a chevron-print throw, bentwood furniture or functional metal and glass bits, your local thrift shop will probably have the finds you desire. Be patient and search for the perfect pieces — and watch your bank fill up with the money you’ve saved.

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