Two Sofas the Design Possibilities

Larger living rooms need some creative furniture arrangement. Pairing sofas makes a cohesive look with a stylish touch and adds that extra seating you have been searching for. Flanking a fireplace, set in a corner or pushed back to back, two couches offer plenty of seating for a crowd and will help facilitate dialogue. This approach is also a easy way to add balance and symmetry to a living room.

Here are a couple of of our favourite ways to integrate double couches into any space.

Elad Gonen

Few things make a room feel crisp and clean like perfect symmetry. This pair of couches makes the room feel balanced.

Su Casa Designs

Double couches add double relaxation in rooms made for family gatherings. Game nights and rainy movie days are much better when there’s space for everyone to flake out. In a room where a parallel pair doesn’t feel very right, an L-shape sofa pattern is a great option.

Extra-large rooms may demand a bit of imagination. Multiple seating areas add functionality and fashion. Back-to-back couches create different seating areas to accommodate big groups of friends.

Instead of sense cavernous, the twin couches help this room feel homey and comfy. As a bonus, the dining table in between is a fantastic place to get a pair of reading lamps.

Elizabeth Gordon

A fitting pair is fine, however a mismatched duo of couches achieves a similar look, provides exactly the identical function and adds variety.

jamesthomas Interiors

The exceptional shape of the pair of couches lends the comfort and space of a sectional while still leaving an open walkway.

Elad Gonen

Even though they’re not a traditional couch, chaises make relaxing areas for relaxing and enjoying a view. Publish them up to create a space for intimate dialogue.

Beautiful Kitchen Design

If you enjoy the look of a pair of couches but are fearful they look too overpowering, use more modern and nonskirted alternatives to make the room feel more open — particularly when the curtains get to the ground.

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