10 Elements of a Porch Paradise

I’ve been talking porch once a week for awhile today, and I believe that it’s time to wrap(about) up it. After looking at thousands of porches, figuring out what I love about them, combining them and learning from your comments, I’ve rounded up a couple standout components of great porches. If you are designing a new porch, then freshening up your existing one or just dreaming of a porch, then consider which of the following are must-haves for you.


Wicker. This nostalgic cabin weave will immediately transform your porch into a comfortable and traditional oasis.

SDG Architecture, Inc..

A ceiling fan. Love your porch on a breezeless day by creating your own wafts. Fans keep the bugs away.

Whitten Architects

Screens. Speaking of bugs, if mosquitos are your nation’s unofficial bird (I swiped this line from among you commentors), then you might have to transform your open porch or deck to some screened-in porch. Screens are appreciated on a porch.

Witt Construction

Rockers. There isn’t a more iconic piece of porch furniture than a camp-style wooden rocking chair. When people talk about growing old with their partners, they are imagining sitting rockers such as these on a porch just like that one and complaining about the young whippersnappers cutting through their yard. Or at least that is how I imagine it.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

A porch swing. I lied. There’s 1 part of porch furniture that shouts porch even louder. It is the porch swing. Just make certain to understand what you are doing or hire someone who does to hang it securely.

Lighting. It doesn’t matter if it you select jojoba lanterns, a shapely Moroccan pendant, marine sconces or candles, but glaring motion-activated spotlight on the side of the house isn’t going to reduce it. The right lighting allows you enjoy your porch on warm summer nights.

Johnson Design Inc..

Standout ceilings. Exposed rafters, beadboard and the famous Haint Blue color draw attention to the often-overlooked porch layout prospect.

Plants. Porch conditions are just right for growing plants. Hang them set them in urns, group and revel in the foliage.

Blythe Interiors

Outdoor carpeting. Beautiful outdoor rug choices offer an chance to add a layer of design underfoot. Outdoor rugs can specify spaces, cover up an unattractive floor and add color and layout to the porch.

Summerour Architects

A table. Enjoying a meal outdoors is one of the best approaches to utilize a porch. Even if your porch is very small, a miniature café table for two will do.

Porch lovers, tell us : Perhaps you have missed any aspects of porch lifestyle you’d love to read about in this collection? Allow me to know in the Comments section!

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