The way to Hook Up the Choke on a Craftsman Mower

Whether it’s time to replace the throttle cable that controls the choke on your Craftsman mower or when it’s only come loose and needs to be reconnected, it’s crucial that you do it correctly. Without the right hookup, the choke will not open and shut, which makes it impossible for you to utilize your mower. Luckily, hooking up the choke into the throttle cable is just a project of which nearly any homeowner is able.

Connect the end of the throttle cable that includes the spring into the opening to the left-hand side of the Craftsman mower’s blade control grip. The end of the cable has a curved hook that just slots into the hole. After the blade control handle is pulled back, it pulls the cable tight and opens the choke on the engine. The cable runs down the left side of the mower’s grip until it connects to the choke control arm to the engine.

Attach the cable to the mower’s grip on the left-hand side with the plastic clips that held the old throttle cable in place. If the clips are broken or missing, use three or four zip ties to hold the cable in place, cutting the part that protrudes once the tie is secured into place.

Thread the tip of the close of the throttle cable through the guide hole located just before the throttle control lever and push the plastic bushing into place until it clicks. Attach the end of the throttle control cable into the throttle control lever on the left-hand side of the engine. The throttle control lever is a movable arm having a hole at the end where you hook the end of the throttle control cable.