Fixing the Mantel

Decorating a mantel does not sound hard, until you really try it. Although the mantel is a little sliver of space, it starts to feel gigantic once you’ve got no idea how to accessorize it.

The key with creating an eye-pleasing mantel screen will be to improve visual attention as far as possible. No, this does not mean cramming it. Instead, focus on creating a look which allows the eyes to travel and focus on more than 1 object.

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Among the more well-known strategies to decorate a mantel is to apply the “three-plus-one” trick. This design technique is dependent upon different objects of different heights to create visual attention.

Locate three similar items and set them on a single side of your mantel. Try not to line up them — coating and stagger them. Play around to find what seems and feels best for you.

As soon as you’ve done this, find one larger object and set it on the opposite side of the mantel. The rule of thumb is that this thing should be twice as big compared to the other three, but this does not have to be precise. Try to have a unifying element for every one of these items — whether it is color, feel or a theme.

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Obviously, the three-plus-one principle is just one of endless ways to decorate a mantel. For many, more is more, and also a mantel is the ideal spot to display a set. Consider organizing things symmetrically so that your mantel feels balanced, but do not forget to layer and mix up height.

A mantel screen is a fantastic chance to integrate new colours into your home decor also. Choose a favorite color which you weren’t able to work into your home and highlight it in your mantel screen. Try picking something which contrasts with your mantel, or paint your mantel to turn your display stick out.

Playing with repetition of items is a complex means to add a splash of style. Consider leaning pictures of similar pictures from the fireplace surround for a simple screen.

Decorating your mantel symmetrically is just another good design tool. It is mechanically pleasing to the eye. Consider basing a mantel screen around a mirror if your fireplace is at a smaller area. It’ll reflect light, open up a closed area and provide another vantage point in the room.

Mix up your design in your screen to give the space a different vibe. Have a rustic-looking living space? Insert a piece of slightly contemporary art above the fireplace for visual thickness.

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Among the simplest ways to decorate your mantel is to begin with a big piece and centre it above the fireplace. Pick something you love — if it is a mirror or a piece of art — then base the rest of your design around that.

Play with motion by adding in height and light — candles and objects of differing heights permit the eye to move up and down across the screen. Add visual weight to the screen with a secondary focal point, like a vase or sculpture. This will relieve the burden of the other pieces.

Beginning with a single large object achieves a look like the three-plus-one principle — a visual triangle which allows the eyes to travel down and up, making a screen you will never tire of.

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