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Artist's Studio: 7 Stellar Ways to Show Your Work

Your home should reflect your personality and personality, and the same is true for your creative or studio space. Artists express themselves through handmade bits, therefore an artist’s workspace is arguably one of the very personal and romantic areas, where attitudes and feelings coexist with physical creations.

When it comes to decorating such a private space, there’s no superior decoration than the artist’s own work. Favourite creations can inspire present projects and provide something for visitors and customers to respect when seeing. As an artist, then you should display your work thoughtfully and uniquely. Here are a couple display ideas which are artistic in their own way but subtle enough to allow the artwork shine.

Lauren Donaldson

Display idea: Vintage pant hangers
Useful for: The picture designer

Old-fashioned pant hangers do not find much use in closets, but they now can find use on walls as clips for picture prints. This screen option gives you lots of flexibility, and you can switch out prints quickly and easily once you come up with new designs. The hangers are less heavy than picture frames, which means that your wall will probably feel much less cluttered and weighed down.

Display idea: Old ladder
Useful for: The textile designer

Vintage ladders commonly find houses in bathrooms holding extra towels, but the same idea could be placed on the studio too. Drape fabrics or fabrics across the rungs for a handy storage and display option. And when you need to redecorate, you can easily transfer the ladder around without bothering the screen.

Annalea Hart

Display idea: Clothespins
Useful for: The photographer

Install narrow or string cables across your own studio walls and keep a bowl of clothespins handy. As you publish your photos, clip on your favourite shots. This screen can be in a continuous state of change based on your most current photos.

Sweet as a Candy

Play around with the composition. Separate black and whites from colour and film from digital, or group from motif (family, weddings, travel, character).

Saus Design

Display idea: Tape framework
Useful for: The interior designer or stylist

Use masking tape to frame an area in your own wall and turn it into a inspiration plank. Tape up photos, tear sheets, cloth swatches and anything else that strikes your fancy. Simply peel off the tape for easy cleanup once you complete the job.

Ida Lifestyle

Display idea: Natural components
Useful for: The jewelry artist

Create your jewelry display more lively by hanging bits vertically. Find natural components like driftwood, dried branches or antlers and dangle bracelets and bracelets out of their limbs. Hang at eye level for easy viewing. Make sure bits are easy to pull off and on the screen for customers.

Earth Fur

Prop up a few branches in a vase and then hang tiny clusters of earrings out of it. Just like a Christmas tree, this screen will feel as a festive decoration.


Display idea: Room decoration
Useful for: The knitter or crocheter

Alter your needlework into usable pieces of art and room decoration. Stitch your granny squares together to make a vibrant rug. Sew a blanket that guests can cozy up beneath. Drape your most recent work across your walls like a tapestry.

Ida Lifestyle

Additional helpful alternatives are pillowcases and little garlands. If guests and customers can actually use and handle your bits, there’s a greater possibility that they’ll want them for their own house.

It’s The Little Things…

Display idea: Vintage crates
Useful for: The ceramicist

Place crates on shelves or tables or even mount them into the wall to show your ceramic pieces. The crate acts as a vertical shadowbox and will really draw attention to the artwork inside.

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