11 Tips to Get Picture-Perfect Mantel Styling All Year

Styling your mantel throughout the holidays can be a piece of cake, given those distinctive decorations you choose out annually. But when those are packed away and you’re left with a vacant mantel, how can you get the focal point of your living room or room looking picture perfect? Here are some approaches for styling your mantel just like a pro year round.


Start with the art. One large part, about two-thirds the size of this mantel itself, will get you almost all the way there. Then layer on further elements in smaller sizes, ideally in complementary colors or themes.

sarah & bendrix

Follow the rule of three. A trio of objects gathered on the mantel in sizes large, medium and small will look brilliant.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you don’t have one impressive large piece to hang, a small gallery wall of 3 similar-size paintings is nice, also. Try to mix up the orientation and thickness or type of these frames. Do not forget to include two more elements to complete your trio; arranged tightly together, the things count as one large piece.

Carter Kay Interiors

Think textural. Your eye will be attracted to the mantel and be delighted by a sculptural piece hanging there, even in the event that you can’t touch it. Driftwood, carvings and 3-D art would all be welcome.

Bruce Kading Interior Design

Another strategy is to remain symmetrical for a more traditional appearance. Here we have an equestrian painting straightened by an assortment of decorations, evenly distributed on either side.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Do not underestimate the impact of the right mirror. If it is big enough and the frame is interesting enough, a mirror may certainly take the place of a large canvas above the mantel. Its light-reflecting properties also will make the room feel more open.

Kate Riley – Centsational Girl

To get a designer touch and a classic appearance, maintain your mirror frame and the remaining portion of the screen elements a uniform shade.

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Or proceed minimalist. That doesn’t mean barren. It means a grouping of thoughtfully selected objects without a most important art or mirror slice above.

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Let us face it, the focal point of this room frequently ends up being the perfect place for a wellness TV. When that’s the situation, mount the TV 6 to 8 inches above the mantel so you’ll still have room to put some tiny objects under without obstructing the display, and be sure your chairs is set for comfortable viewing. Then care for the mantel as you’d that large painting or mirror, with an asymmetrical composition made of two smaller objects or collections of objects.

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If your ceiling height doesn’t allow for a 6- to 8-inch gap, a second strategy with the TV would be to have a mantel that is interesting enough by itself.

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To get a perfectly styled mantel, create a balanced and curated composition. We see just a tall flower vase, a round mirror and a small cluster of objects here. This trio provides a solid geometry, with various shapes arranged to form a larger triangle along with a natural feel. Yet the mantel is edited, and the objects are closely presented. Extra points for your piled firewood below.

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