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10 Modern Marble Appears

Granite was used in kitchens and bathrooms for years. But this traditional substance is now making a big splash in new ways. At the 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) along with the High Point Market, visitors got a peek at just how this timeless stone is on trend with new programs, bold colors and interesting installations. If you like the beauty of marble however are craving a brand new look, have a cue from these spaces.

Studio William Hefner

Rather than applying it to your floor or walls, present marble to a space in a sudden manner. Inside this bathroom, the tub features a marble backsplash made like a headboard, whereas the doorway frame stands tall and sophisticated with a marble trim.

The best aspect of the trend? When marble is used in smaller doses, it is much more easy on the budget.

There are ways to get innovative with marble and other materials. In a bathroom, you are going to hang a mirror within your dressing table. Rather than utilizing a freestanding one, weave mirrored tiles with marble ones for a geometric design filled with texture and visual appeal.

Annette English

Granite can proceed with any style — try topping a modern table with a sudden slab of marble. This marble tabletop makes the Saarinen dining table feel both contemporary and timeless.

Ethelind Coblin Architect P.C

While the Saarinen dining table comes from marble, you can also have a vintage wood table upgraded with a marble top for a brand new, fresh appearance.

Ann West Interiors

In the event you choose to top a table with marble, consider making a superchic statement by accessorizing it with a different of-the-moment substance — gold.

W Design Interiors

Do not forget that marble is offered in a selection of colors. Consider something outside gray or white for ultimate visual interest.

Coddington Design

Similar to the marble tub backsplash at the start of the guide, this marble application is even more stunning with a unique gold-tinted marble. Carrying it around the rim of the tub creates another cohesive component.

Anna Lattimore Interior Design

Consider how you plan to lay the masonry. In a pattern like this floor, invest instead of standard tiles.

Designpad architecture – Patrick Perez Architect

Try to mix and match different size tiles throughout your space. This is particularly successful when marble is the main substance. Mixing up tile sizes in this bathroom steers it away from a uniform appearance and adds an extra level of dimension.

Fl├╝ff Designs & Decor

Of course, you can not beat the look of enormous marble slabs in their natural shape. Make a big impact by locating and doing careful study. It might not be economical, but if you can afford it, you won’t regret the impressive outcome.

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