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How to Clean Chrome Shower Curtain Rods

Chrome shower curtain rods often show lime scale and rust, and need more careful cleanup than with soap or vinegar. Preparing and massaging the chrome surface using family products assists treat the surface with minimal scratching. A polishing shirts your shower curtain rod using a sparkling finish.

Organizing the Rod’s Surface

Wear nonskid shoes, like sneakers, to minimize slipping as you operate with the shower rod above you. Wear a pair of gloves to keep chemicals off your hands. Wash the shower rod using a sterile, cotton cloth dipped in dishwashing liquid mixed with some warm water to remove any dirt and other substances, such as gathered hair-spray droplets or hair conditioner.

Polishing the Chrome Rod

Cut squares of aluminum foil 3 inches by 3 inches and moist with water. Curve the moist foil surface from the rod and gently rub over a 6- to 8-inch location. A dark adhesive develops between the aluminum foil and the chrome surface. Rust marks should lighten or disappear under this polish. If necessary, rub a new foil square and warm water to get more glow. Wipe off this dark glue using a sterile cloth. Wipe the surface dry with a paper cloth to improve adhesion with another layer of gloss. Implementing a commercial chrome gloss with a dry cloth helps shine the surface also provides some security. As an alternative, a cotton cloth using a dab of baby oil also helps glow.

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