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Difference in Meyer & Eureka Lemon Trees

Lemon trees are a part of the citrus genus of plants, and are prized by home gardeners because of their lush green leaf and juicy, flavorful fruit. Two common varieties found in home gardens are the eureka orange tree (Citrus limon ‘Eureka’) along with also the Meyer orange tree (Citrus limon ‘Meyer’). While both make ideal plants for any Mediterranean landscape, they vary in many ways. Origins The Meyer lemon tree is indigenous to China, but was brought to North America over a century ago, and is thought to be a cross between a lemon tree along with some form of tangerine or orange tree. Eureka lemon trees originated in California from seeds that came from Sicily in the late 1850s. Classification Eureka lemon trees have been classed as true lemons, along with Lisbon lemon trees. Meyer lemon trees, on the other hand, aren’t classified as accurate lemons because they’re…

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Landscape Edging Alternatives

It takes more than a newly mowed lawn and a few perennials to make an attractive outdoor area. After all, as they say, “the devil is in the details.” Landscaping competition is just one of the details that’s easily overlooked, though it makes a big visual impact. Using edging substances in your landscaping helps keep allergens in your planting beds while keeping grass out. Gardeners can choose from a wide choice of edging options, each with its own benefits. Plastic Plastic is among the very cost-effective edging substances, though it isn’t the most appealing. Plastic competition will be noticeable in the landscape. Additionally, although the material is usually long-lasting, plastic edging is readily damaged from the blade of the mower and may heave out of the ground during periods of freezing and thawing. Plastic edging is available in a variety of colors and styles, many of which are flexible and…

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Fruit Tree Planting & Separation

When planting more than 1 fruit tree, separation is a significant consideration for garden design and fruiting potential of the tree. The type of fruit, the rootstock on which the tree grows and the amount of available space in your garden will all affect the choice of just how far apart to plant your own trees. Apple and Pear Trees Apple and pear trees have been popular fruit trees for your backyard garden. They are typically grown on rootstocks as grafted trees rather than from seeds. These rootstocks impact the minimal spacing between trees more than the variety of apple or pear that grows on it. Dwarf or semi-dwarfing rootstocks are best for the backyard unless only 1 tree is to be planted. Total size trees may require up to 18 feet of spacing between trees, however semi-dwarfing apple rootstocks such as the M.7 and MM.106 can be planted 10…

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How to Change the Water Pump to a Kenmore Front-Loading Washing Machine

In case your Kenmore washing machine won’t drain, and you’ve eliminated a clog in the drain hose as a potential cause, you either need to fix the drain pump or replace it. The drain pump is situated at the lower front corner of most Kenmore front-loading machines, and also the most difficult part of the job could be getting to it. If the machine does not have an entry panel, as some do, then you’ll need to take the entire front panel. Replace the pump if the impellers are damaged or if the pump housing is leaking. Unplug the washing machine, and disconnect the drain hose from the drain. Switch off the water valves and then unscrew the water heater from the inlet ports on the washing machine, utilizing adjustable pliers. Pull the washing machine out of the wall. If it has an entry panel beneath the loading door, you…


How to Know What Fungicide to Use for St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) gives your lawn a soft feel with a pleasant blue-green shade. Grown for its salt and shade tolerance, St. Augustine grass comes with a few potential problems as well, including susceptibility to some common fungal disorders. Identifying the fungal disease is essential to picking the ideal fungicide. Brown Patch Disease The warmer weather of summer brings fungi to existence, resulting in diseases in your St. Augustine, such as brown patch disease. This issue appears as brownish dots on the blades, which often spread in a circular pattern throughout the lawn. Many affected areas perish. Nitrogen makes the issue worse, so avoid nitrogen fertilizers through the summer if you’ve ever had a issue with brown stain. Standard use of fungicides like thiophanate-methyl or propiconazole helps regulate the disease. Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions for your particular product carefully. When you apply thiophanate-methyl, for instance, spread 6.75…

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The way to Add Bone Meal to New Plantings

Though bone meal is sometimes added to the soil around established shrubs, it has been traditionally added to the soil as a natural amendment before planting bulbs of flowers that bloom the following spring. Bone meal is 28 percent phosphorus by weight. Unless your dirt actually needs phosphorus or you’re an organic gardener, weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully prior to utilizing bone meal. Bone Meal Principles Bone meal doesn’t dissolve in water, but rather it discharges phosphorus gradually as it decays. Phosphorus doesn’t leach from soil easily, which means you may not have to add it. While phosphorus is necessary for plant growth and is one of three chief ingredients included in pesticide formulas, high levels can cause difficulties. Root tips exude acids that allow the penetration of useful fungi. These fungi help plants take in water and nutrients. When phosphorus levels in the soil are too high, the…

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How Dirt Does It Take to Fill Up a One-Gallon Pot?

Potting soil for garden plants is measured by volume, starting with the feet for large quantities, the dry gallon for moderate quantities along with the dry quart for small quantities. It doesn’t, while you would think a pot would require 4 quarts of potting soil that is sterile, there being 4 quarts to the gallon — it require 3 quarts. Three Dry Quarts Flower pots for garden plants arrive in many different sizes, together with the 1-gallon size a popular selection for many species of flowers and plants. Filling a plant kettle takes of potting soil, 3 quarts. A typical 1-gallon plastic flower pot measures 6.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches high. Three dry quarts is equal to one-eighth of a cubic foot. S O 1 cubic foot of potting soil will fill about eight pots. A 12-gallon pot will require 1.5 cubic feet of sterile potting soil. See…

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To Loosen the Bolts on a Lawnmower Blade

If your walk-behind lawnmower’s blade is dull or damaged, then you will need to remove it for replacement or sharpening. Blade removal requires removing and loosening the bolt holding the blade onto the engine shaft of the mower. A lawnmower blade can be tough to remove if the bolt is tight or suspended by rust. Typically, you can break loose the bolt. You’ll want to empty your gas tank and then place on work gloves to ensure security, however. Shut off the engine, wait for it to cool and use in the event the machine is gas-powered, a siphon pump to suck the gas from the fuel tank. Until it is out of gas or operate the mower and await the motor. Remove from the spark plug so that it can not contact the plug, and secure it from the way with a bit of tape. Put on gloves to…

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How do I Decorate a Bathroom in Seascape?

Experience the fresh ambiance of a sandstone cottage when you decorate your bathroom in a layout theme centered around a tranquil seascape. Soothing colours, natural furnishings plus a light-filled environment could transform an ordinary bathroom into a peaceful, wooded retreat. Ramp up the peaceful seashore appeal with some of your favourite ocean-inspired accessories. Stay Calm and Carry On Fill your bathroom with a soothing palette of purple hues, such as ocean blue, sailboat white, sandy beige, aqua green and watery coral. By way of instance, paint the lower half of the walls a soothing blue to remind you of an endless ocean, and install pristine white tiles on the top half of the walls to communicate the fresh ambiance of white, puffy clouds. If you are feeling artsy, pick a single wall where to paint a seascape mural of a wooded coastline and tranquil ocean on a calm, sunny day….


How to Design a Double Closet

It’s possible to wedge a closet into a small space, however in order for your closet also to create the most efficient utilization of the space and to be usable, it must meet some minimal design standards. A closet with double doors, A dual closet, features door arrangement and a more intricate design compared to a single-door closet, and it introduces a few further design challenges. Minimum Depth Where there is not space to get a larger walk-in closet, closets are set up. But even with a closet, you will need enough depth when they are hanging perpendicular so that your garments will fit between the rear wall of the closet and the door. The conventional thickness for a closet is 24 inches. If your available space is more shallow than this, you can incorporate drawers and shelves but don’t contain hanging rods. Side Returns The side return of A…