Your Doors: Make a Grand Entrance

Whether coming from outside in or entering the bathroom from the hallway, doors are continuously utilized throughout the house. Their purpose is fairly self-explanatory: they muffle sound, and provide privacy and also protect us from the outdoor elements. But with a little additional thought, they can also add a hint of unexpected style by means of a paint job, custom detailing or even an entirely unique doorway in itself. So, if you are trying to punch up the d├ęcor of your house, consider exchanging your everyday door for something outside of the norm. If you are feeling a little unsure about the proposal, the following photos might change your mind. Four Corners Construction, L.P. For a truly stunning entry that can captivate your guests, pick a customized pivot front door. Improve the effect by choosing a finish that complements your home’s interior, and paint the framework a bold, eye-catching shade….


50 Fabulous Finds for Valentine’s Day

If your sweetie wants ideas for a great Valentine’s Day gift, send them a link to these design-friendly finds. Will you choose the heart-shaped mirror, the little kumquat tree, the cake stand, or the crown? To keep a portion of surprise and choice, create your own mini ideabook with a couple favorites and discuss the link however you see fit. It’s a sign that can not be missed, right? You’ll discover Feb. 14. Things selected and composed by Margaret Everton, Lily Gahagan, Becky Harris, Susan Herin and Rebekah Zaveloff Burke Decor Set of Four Flower Placemats at Rose – $48 I like to entertain, and splurging on those flowery placemats will make me just as joyful as a live bouquet. Additionally, they will last a lot longer. Jonathan Adler Mod Love Pillow – $175 Leave it to Jonathan Adler to somehow make needlepoint look ridiculously hip. The sentiment scrawled on…