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Handmade Home

I enjoy changing things around the house to make a new, fresh look, but I do not always have a great deal of money to do so. Something as simple as restyling your bookcases is an cheap and easy way to change up the look of your room. As you browse through house design photos, you are bound to see beautifully styled bookcases and shelves. You jump right in or, even if you are like me, could begin by gathering some pictures! Browse more shelf displays I use my bookcases to display some of my favorite things. Photos, novels, ironstone, silver trays and classic cameras are simply a few examples of items I like to display. I enjoy blending the old with the new for a fresh look. 1. Clear off your shelves. By beginning with a blank canvas you won’t be tempted to leave anything in the same location….

Coastal Style

Traditional, Collected Style in Oregon

Thirteenth’s time the Appeal for Craig Fletcher and homeowners Jenine. In addition to Oregon (where They’ve lived in four Distinct houses ), Craig’s work has taken the few to Atlanta, Ga., Yakima and Bellevue, Wash., Denver, Colo., Boise, Idaho, Santa Rosa and Huntington Beach, Calif., and Salt Lake City, Utah. In May of 2011 they eventually found a traditional-style house in Tualatin, Ore. they intend to retire in. “We probably looked at 50 other houses before we found that one,” says Jenine. at a GlanceWho lives here: Jenine and Craig FletcherLocation: Tualatin, Ore.. Size: 3,500-square-foot two-story house with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths Jenine and Craig removed a few trees that were overshadowing the house and killing the lawn. They reseeded the lawn and added smaller trees into the landscape. They also altered the exterior paint colour which was tan-green with glowing green walls to Benjamin Moore Aura exterior paint…

Eclectic Homes

Design Photography: When the Fog Rolls In

Nine out of 10 professional photos documenting architecture from the daytime seem to get taken when the sun is shining. Sure, on sunny days, the components may give a photographer reason to not shoot, but the perfect is to show a landscape or building in the best light. Sunlight allows materials and forms to stand out and be read more clearly against its backdrop, creating a reasonably consistent aesthetic within architectural photography. Therefore it is refreshing to see evidence that embraces other environmental conditions, especially fog. Comparing sunny and foggy days, the former is bright, vibrant, and eloquent, although the latter is muted, gray (mostly ), and indefinite. Or to put it another way, sunny photos present crystal-clear graphics, but foggy ones let the imagination fill in the blanks. Fog exists as a layer between our eyes and certain pieces of advice: architecture, landscapes, distant vistas. This ideabook celebrates foggy…

Decorating Guides

Tastemaker: Salvaged Sculptures by John Whitmarsh

John Whitmarsh started his artistic career as a photographer, but after finishing film school, he promptly shifted to sculpture. “I’ve been creating things with my hands,” he states. Nowadays, Whitmarsh’s sculpture work is characterized by a desire to blur the line between what is made by nature and what is manmade. “It’s flattering when folks think something is obviously generated when I really sculpted itself,” he states. Continue reading for Whitmarsh’s unique spin on design now, and how he keeps a company without compromising his artistic message. Designed to leave openings shaped like curvy and winding roadways, Whitmarsh created this wall mosaic using asphalt salvaged from demolished roadways. The piece is large — 6 feet by 10 feet — and has been installed in an architecture and engineering company in Phoenix, Ariz.. Q: How did you begin in product design? What makes you enthusiastic about this particular area of design?…

Coastal Style

Modern Icons: The Eames Wire Base Table

These diminutive and minimalist tables were designed by Charles and Ray Eames at 1950, back when they had been tinkering with welded wire rods and birch plywood. Low and lightweight, they may be moved around with ease and stacked or lined up side by side. In accordance with the Herman Miller site, the Eameses used these tables when hosting a Japanese tea ceremony for guests Isamu Noguchi and Charlie Chaplin. You do not need an event like that as an excuse to purchase one. Style and their versatility are reason enough. Herman Miller Eames Wire Base Table – $179 The simple structure represents everything that Charles and Ray Eames were about — using readily available materials, experimentation together and carrying them beyond their limitations; producing smart straightforward pieces that coordinated with all kinds of styles and thinking up a consequent lovely and minimalist aesthetic. Kristen Rivoli Interior Design At just…


Imitating Art: Color Palettes out of Paintings

Looking to refresh your house with a new colour scheme, but don’t know where to begin? Here is a hint that will help: Swipe the colors from a painting. Talented artists understand how to compose colors beautifully, therefore using those colors as guidance is a simple method to discover a palette that will work. I’ve gathered five paintings with alluring colour palettes and paired them with five chambers that incorporate their mixes to demonstrate how. Contemporary Artwork – $399.95 Classic glamour. Towers of rich colors reveal the contrast and attractiveness of the mix. A dark turquoise injects some brio into the palette. Alexander Johnson Photography That turquoise color I said will be used lightly in this living room, where brown and white predominate. All of the other colors give substance and dimension to this space. Z Gallerie Elysian – Karen Dupre – $449.95 Citrus allure. This painting shows the colors…

Coastal Style

Seaside Italian Escape

With smooth whitewashed walls, a brilliant turquoise pool, along with a dazzling view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this Italian villa is a beautiful blend of classic architecture and contemporary materials. This house, which is situated close to Mount Vesuvius in Naples, Italy, was initially constructed in the early 1970s. For Italian designer Fabrizia Frezza, the challenge was updating the look of the house while paying tribute to the region’s local fashion. Fabrizia Frezza Interiors & Architecture “The house had a very dark and disagreeable atmosphere,” states Frezza. “The inside of the villa didn’t reflect the exterior, which was done in a typical Mediterranean style.” Frezza focused on linking the appearance of the inside and the exterior. The terrace and pool area is just outside the home’s main living spaces, therefore Frezza lined the room with exactly the same white terracotta tile that she used on the inside. Outdoor dining table…

Eclectic Homes

Lose It: How to Eliminate a Mattress

If you live in a pretty major city, chances are you encounter old mattresses on the sidewalk almost daily. It is one of the things that’s not possible to eliminate readily, and often the easiest choice would be to leave it to the sidewalk or toss it into a dumpster. The issue is that almost all these mattresses end up in landfills, where they take up a great deal of space, create rancid air pockets, and damage compression equipment. On average, 300 mattresses and box springs arrive in one landfill in one day. Have a look at these tips to see ways to avoid sending your mattress right to the landfill. But , be sure you truly should eliminate your mattress. Often a good memory foam mattress pad or a different support platform can make all of the difference — not only conserving the environment, but also saving your cash….