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Homemade Wedding Anniversary Table Centerpiece

Each wedding anniversary should feel special, regardless of what amount goes with it. Insert sentiment and an ambiance of love having a homemade centerpiece on an anniversary dinner table. Incorporate a personal memento which can become a precious keepsake or can be used for future birthday parties.

Honoring the Couple

If you are making a centerpiece for someone else, ask for some wedding photographs or pictures of the couple. Make black and white copies of the photographs supplied. Trim the photographs to match within glass-lidded canning jars. Insert two photographs to every jar, facing so the photographs show on either side, and embellish the lids with decorative ribbon or lace. Incorporate at least 2 of those photo jars with each table centerpiece. Keep everything centered on the table working with a lace or satin table runner. But don’t put everything in a direct line. Stagger the components along the table runner for a diverse, more aesthetically pleasing display.

First Anniversary Idea

Even though carnations are the traditional flower for a first anniversary, it is difficult to beat the charm and love of a crimson rose. Use a wine bottle as a flower vase for 2 red roses, embellished with a sprig of baby’s breath. Fill two wine glasses with water and add rose petals and a rose shaped floating candle to every glass. Place a glass and a picture jar on every side of the wine jar vase. Scatter more rose petals across the table speaker. Variations of the idea can be used for almost any anniversary, with any sort of flowers in the wine bottle. Use a glue gun to soften the wine jar with colored glass stones. Alternatively, turn the wine glasses upside down and put a flower blossom underneath along with a votive candle on the inverted base.

Silver Anniversary Idea

Go big with milestone anniversary centerpieces. Spray paint flowery twigs with glossy silver paint and place them in double glass vases for the 25th anniversary. Add some additional sparkle with strings of crystal beads. Tie silver ribbon around every vase. Implement silver glitter glue into the numbers 25. Hot glue their sides together and insert an acrylic pole in the bottom. Stick the silver 25 decoration in a marginally smaller vase of purple irises placed between the twig vases. Irises are the traditional flower for the silver anniversary and produce a dramatic complement to the decor. Insert the picture jars on every side of the flower vase or outside of the twig vases. Place silver metallic taper candles in clear glass candle holders throughout the centerpiece.

Golden Anniversary Idea

African violets and yellow roses represent the flowers of choice for a 50th anniversary. Re-purpose four to five floral teacups into planters for the African violets. Look for gold rimmed cups or cups with yellow rose patterns. Place a half dozen to a dozen yellow roses in a vintage gold flower vase filled halfway with water to use as your focal point. Scatter gold confetti across the table speaker. Surround the roses using the violets in teacups. Both mason picture jars can be placed on all sides of the flower centerpiece. Use a glue gun to attach a gold foam 50 on every lid. Include little votive candles in gold mercury glass candleholders, placed randomly amongst the blooms and picture jars.

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