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The Way to Lay Broken Tile

Tiles that are broken do not need to go to waste. Use the tiles to create a unique flooring, kitchen backsplash or wall mounted mosaic in an artistic design. Create layouts like fish for the toilet, sunlight for an outside patio or patio to your kitchen. Laying the broken tiles is a little more work than laying whole tiles but is well worth the effort for the general completed effect. Your broken tile flooring is going to be the focus of any area.

Draw a rough sketch of your layout on the ground or backsplash using a pencil. For arbitrary tile work, no drawing is necessary.

Mix a small batch of the thinset according to manufacturer’s directions. The thinset will become overly tacky to utilize after sitting for half an hour.

Spread the thinset with the flat side of the trowel in 1 part of your layout. Drag the notched side of the trowel throughout the thinset.

Lay the broken tile pieces to the thinset and turn slightly to set. Continue laying tiles in this fashion until you have finished the section. Tap the tile using a hammer and tapping block to set the tiles permanently.

Wipe surplus thinset from between the tiles with a putty knife and then wipe off excess from the tile using a moist rag. Leave the thinset to cure in accordance with manufacturer’s directions.

Spread another section with thinset, leaving a little gap where you drew the lines. This will develop into the expansion joint for the flooring. Continue finished.

Mix a batch of grout. Start at the far corner of the area and squeegee the grout in between the tiles, wiping off any excess in the face of the tiles using a damp sponge as you go. Rinse the sponge frequently and eliminate the water after it becomes muddy.

Fill in the expansion joints with flexible caulk. Leave the grout and caulk to cure for 72 hours. Minimize walking is done on the ground until then.

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