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The Way to Grow Lithodora Diffusa Flowers

Lithodora diffusa is a ground cover which yields twining foliage and blue blossoms. The plant is well-suited to rock raised flower beds, gardens and areas that receive full sunlight. It tends to do best in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 9, though it can grow nicely in the Bay Area. The flowers bloom in spring, but the trailing greenery lasts throughout the entire year. Lithodora diffusa will blossom year after year to improve your garden’s beauty.

Pick a place in your yard that receives full sunlight and contains well-drained soil. Every single Lithodora diffusa plant develops between 4 and 6 inches tall and spreads between 12 to 18 inches. Pick an area of your backyard which will accommodate this expansion without infiltrating your plants.

Dig a hole that’s deeper and slightly larger than the root ball of your Lithodora diffusa plant, together with your trowel.

Place the plant into the hole and lightly cover with soil. Distance your plants about 3 to 4 feet apart to encourage growth, if you would like to plant more than one Lithodora diffusa.

A coating of flower fertilizer around every Lithodora diffusa plant’s base.

Water each plant for four to five minutes to incorporate the fertilizer and soak the root ball.

Continue watering your Lithodora diffusa plants once a week. Soak the roots and water only enough to wet the soil, but don’t water too much since it can destroy your plants.

Prune your Lithodora diffusa plants in late summer. Reduce the shoots back to encourage future growth.

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