Your Doors: Make a Grand Entrance

Whether coming from outside in or entering the bathroom from the hallway, doors are continuously utilized throughout the house. Their purpose is fairly self-explanatory: they muffle sound, and provide privacy and also protect us from the outdoor elements. But with a little additional thought, they can also add a hint of unexpected style by means of a paint job, custom detailing or even an entirely unique doorway in itself. So, if you are trying to punch up the décor of your house, consider exchanging your everyday door for something outside of the norm. If you are feeling a little unsure about the proposal, the following photos might change your mind. Four Corners Construction, L.P. For a truly stunning entry that can captivate your guests, pick a customized pivot front door. Improve the effect by choosing a finish that complements your home’s interior, and paint the framework a bold, eye-catching shade….


50 Fabulous Finds for Valentine’s Day

If your sweetie wants ideas for a great Valentine’s Day gift, send them a link to these design-friendly finds. Will you choose the heart-shaped mirror, the little kumquat tree, the cake stand, or the crown? To keep a portion of surprise and choice, create your own mini ideabook with a couple favorites and discuss the link however you see fit. It’s a sign that can not be missed, right? You’ll discover Feb. 14. Things selected and composed by Margaret Everton, Lily Gahagan, Becky Harris, Susan Herin and Rebekah Zaveloff Burke Decor Set of Four Flower Placemats at Rose – $48 I like to entertain, and splurging on those flowery placemats will make me just as joyful as a live bouquet. Additionally, they will last a lot longer. Jonathan Adler Mod Love Pillow – $175 Leave it to Jonathan Adler to somehow make needlepoint look ridiculously hip. The sentiment scrawled on…

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Produce Your Own Massage Room

Aaaah — comfort! More and more we’re looking to our own homes to provide a haven from the outside world. After spending a day hard at work and hearing news reports about the market, when we come home, we want to be soothed. And admit it — just the mention of the term”market” made your neck and shoulders tense up, didn’t it? What better way is there to ship the cares of the day packing than with a massage? And it is even better if massage is in your home so you do not need to get up and drive home afterward. So, now that I have you dreaming, what would you want to create the ideal place for this superb indulgence? Read on to see how colour, odor, sound, tactile elements and amenities all work together to create the ultimate in a room where you can have a muscle-melting…


Guest Groups: Art for Children’s Spaces

Curating affordable art finds is just one of my favourite features to put together in my website, Lolalina. The online creative community has positively exploded in the past several years, making sourcing distinctive and beautiful art a real treat. This month for Houzz I’ve hand-picked 20 prints ideal for bringing creativity, warmth and personality to a child’s space. I hope you find something to love for your little one! –Laura from Lolalina Etsy “Raccoon” Screen Print by Little Chat Studio – $30 Raccoons on a bicycle built for 2 — what could be cuter? This limited edition print from illustrator Alyssa Nassner is cute, yet also really cool, which makes it flexible enough to please the little ones, hipster adolescents and Mama too. Etsy “Campout” by Hillary Bird – $15 This print by artist Hillary Bird conjures up comfy feelings of camp-outs and summer holidays — such a sweet silhouette…

Gardening and Landscaping

Garden Tour: Edith Wharton’s The Mount

Earlier this week we explored the newly restored inside of The Mount, Edith Wharton’s Berkshires house. Now it’s time to explore the motives! Wharton completed a European grand tour and then written a book called Italian Villas and Their Gardens that was published in 1904. She designed the formal gardens in The Mount herself to create a space between the home and the house’s woodlands, meadows and lake. Her niece, the famous landscape architect Beatrix Farrand, was also involved with the plan of their grounds. Here’s a look. More: Take a tour in the Home In Italian Villas and Their Gardens, Wharton observes”The Italian state house… was nearly always constructed on a hillside, and one afternoon the architect appeared forth from the terrace of his villa, and saw that, in his survey of the backyard, the enclosing landscape was naturally included: the two formed a part of the exact same…


Houzz Tour: The 100K House Project

In our modern world of houses that are frequently too big, too costly and not so environmentally friendly, Postgreen Homes designs a home that is perfectly little, inexpensive, and energy efficient. Nic Darling, spouse for the Philadelphia firm, has a refreshing look at affordable housing for those who want a sensible house that speaks straight to eco-conscious living. Keep reading to find out about these innovative homes and how they’re revolutionizing how healthy families can grow and live. Nic Darling In the outside, 100K Project homes look like little warehouses using minimal ornamentation and layout. Don’t let the exterior fool you: They are full of bright interiors, a welcoming floor plan, along with an eco-conscious living environment — for $100,000 in labor and materials (see Nic’s notice about total cost in the comments section below). Nic Darling The interiors are warm and bright. “The spacious floorplan and well-placed windows provide…


Top 8 Modern Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

A backyard fence plays a number of crucial roles. First, it adds privacy to your property and ensures no prying eyes are watching you while you relax. The fence can also be central in embellishing the outdoors. If well designed, a fence can improve your overall landscape and the outdoor look of your property. There are many types of Mesa fence company in the market today and here are our top picks: Iron Fence An iron fence is created with durability and strength in mind. It’s also one of the most beautiful fence designs you can have at home.  The maintenance needed to keep the fence in great condition is also quite minimal. Although wrought iron is a popular choice for homeowners looking for metallic fence designs, you can use aluminum as an alternative. Climbers Wall Fence Although the climbers wall fence looks better during the growing season, even in…


10 Great Choices for Eco-Friendly Tile

There is so much information regarding green products out there, it could be overwhelming to sort through it all. Since I am obsessed with tile, I thought I would explore some ecofriendly alternatives and discuss my favorites, as well as what I’ve learned. Here are a few things to think about when selecting a more earth-friendly tile: Is the product made with recycled materials and in that case, what’s the percentage?Is the merchandise made with abundant or sustainable materials? Is the company making attempts to minimize waste and reduce energy during manufacturing?Is the company making attempts to utilize green business practices? Today, let us take a look at some beautiful options I found and see what makes them more palatable. Brennan + Company Architects 1. Fireclay Tile, Crush. This colorful handmade tile contains 100% recycled glass and was originally created by Sandhill Industries. Fireclay acquired the company and now makes…


Layout Dilemma: Planting Around the Pool

Letour design challenge poolside moves — specifically to the landscaping around the pool. Houzz consumer dguill‘s pool place at La Quinta, Calif., is currently dominated by cement, and dguill is seeking to add some new greenery across the perimeter. Click here to answer and discuss your planting ideas. Houzz Design Dilemmas As you can see, there’s limited planting distance, so this will primarily be a container garden. Houzz Design Dilemmas How would you put in more greenery to the pool place from the California desert? Click on this link to share your ideas from the Questions section. Houzz Design Dilemmas Check out Houzz design issues here. See related

Coastal Style

Guest Picks: Summer at the Seaside

I have beautiful childhood memories of summers spent with my family at a little rented cottage by the sea from Nova Scotia. The days were spent investigating the beach at low tide and swimming at the ocean, while evenings were filled with extended family dropping by for good food and homegrown music. With this ideabook I have gathered together objects that remind me of those hot Maritime summers spent on the pebbly beach, cooled by the fresh salty breezes of the sea. — Lori from automatism Etsy Mister Crab Wood Sign by Slippin Southern – $49 Folk art is an ideal way to add color and personality to a cabin, and this playful small wooden crab signal would definitely be an enjoyable addition. The Curiosity Shoppe Whale Pillow – $110 This enchanting whale pillow — hands printed on natural French burlap with artwork by Don Carney — is not only…