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How to Figure Out the Yardage to Cover a Couch

Whether you decide to reupholster your old couch or create a simple slipcover for this, you have to be able to figure out how much material you want before you can begin on the job. Some time spent using accurate measurements and calculating the total size of your couch can spare a lot of frustration and cost by making sure you have plenty of fabric to work with.

Remove the seat cushions and measure the height and circumference of a single cushion. Multiply the height dimension by two and add the total height to the circumference. Multiply this result by the total number of seat cushions, and write down the result.

Repeat Step 1 to the rear cushions, if there are any.

Assess the length of the sofa. Make sure to measure in the very longest point. This is usually in the edge of the outermost point of their arms. Add 4 inches to this dimension and write down the result.

Assess the end of the couch, beginning at the ground and moving up and over the arm all the way to the base where the pillows sit. Add 6 inches to the dimension and then multiply it by two. Mark down the result.

Assess the height and duration of the arms, then starting at the ground at the front of a single arm and measuring up and above the back of the couch, following the contour of the arm. Add 4 inches and then multiply by two. Write down this total.

Assess the front and back of the sofa by beginning at the ground in front, measuring up, across the base where the pillows sit , up the front around the surface and above the rear. Add 6 inches and mark down the total.

Insert the totals from each measure. Divide this total by 36. The result is the number of yards you’ll need to cover the couch.

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