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Get Glass Windows and Doors Gleaming Clean

You’ve noticed the stunning architectural photos of sparkling glass windows and doors on , and now you could be wondering how to get your own glass surfaces clean, gleaming and ready to their own close-up.

“Not all of glass windows and doors have been created equal,” says interior designer Anne DeCocco. “There are several alternatives in glass, and some need special cleaning and care. My primary advice to clients is to read the glass installment literature and talk to the installer for specific care instructions, and also do your job with daily upkeep.”

Apart from this, these general tips and suggestions will help keep your glass windows and doors sparkling and clean.

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Shower Doors and Windows

The glass shower doors and windows in this Vermont home provide unobstructed sightlines to surrounding scenery. The vista would blur.

For soap scum and film: DeCocco suggests using a product called Bioclean to remove soap scum and film, and a monthly Rain X program to keep a streak-free glow.

For hard-to-remove water stains: If your shower is filled with water stains, attempt CLR, a challenging cleaner that’s free of ammonia, phosphates and bleach. CLR’s site recommends creating a solution that is half water and half CLR; dip a microfiber cloth in the solution and use.

Warning: CLR is a spot cleaner and will damage natural stone and marble, terrazzo, colored grout, metallic and painted glazed surfaces, and acrylic tubs, so use it carefully.

Stay away from: Abrasive cleansers.


“Everybody ought to have a squeegee in the shower to work with after bathing,” DeCocco says. “Running the squeegee along the length of a shower door takes a couple of minutes but may help prevent unsightly glass”

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Glass Panel Doors and Frameless Windows

Glass panel doors and frameless windows are a staple in modern houses. They are sleek and clean, let in plenty of natural light and blur the lines between the indoors and outside.

For dirt: Glass needs to be cleaned only as it seems dirty. DeCocco warns that if your windows have a tint or protective film to prevent sun damage on furniture or warmth, it’s ideal to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. “My windows and panel doors take a spritz of any glass cleaner that I prefer, dried off with Bounty paper towels,” she says. “I am advised that Bounty has less demanding fiber in it, so it’s gentle on the film.”

Stay away from: Products with abrasives and ammonia, says general contractor Richard Berry. “Additionally, be sure to whomever cleans the glass doors, mirrors and even windows that cleansers go with specific kinds of glass, as glass to things like panel doors typically has special care directions. We locate glass ruined over time because the cleanup service, housekeeper or even the children use anything available.”

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Tinted Glass Windows and Doors

Tinted glass windows and doors reduce glare and provide a layer of solitude in houses. But tinted glass surfaces are tricky as they are usually customized and installed with special-care directions, so talk to your installer about cleanup and upkeep. It’s ideal to test-clean a little section of window before continuing.

For debris and dirt: Marvin Windows and Doors recommends cleaning from the top towards the ground with a soap and water solution. Immediately after, clean the surface with a microfiber cloth dipped in a mild window-washing solution. Remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee, taking care not to permit any metallic surface of the cleaning gear to touch the glass.

Stay away from: Abrasive cleansers. Avoid cleaning tinted and coated glass surfaces.

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Frosted Glass

Frosted glass adds a layer of solitude and extra drama to any bathroom, which makes it a popular glass complete choice.

For everyday cleaning: Contractor Berry says daily cleaning with a squeegee or a microfiber cloth and a mild glass cleaning option is fine for frosted glass. “When the glass is good quality, daily cleaning ought to suffice. But keep away from cleaning the doorways with newspaper; the ink of this newsprint will get on the glass,” he says.

Stay away from: Abrasive cleansers. Always consult the glass installer and manufacturer for frosted glass cleaning directions.

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