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Find a Fitting Place to Store Your Own Firewood

One of those often-ignored sections of designing a brand new wood-burning fireplace is deciding just how to house all the essential wood. What is the ideal way to store the firewood you want while still keeping a fantastic focal wall? Whether you select a symmetrical or asymmetrical style, a modern or classic style, below are a few fantastic suggestions for wood storage which can boost a fireplace — rather than being a messy distraction.

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Under the hearth. The spot beneath a raised hearth often goes unused. Make the most of it by developing a spot for wood storage beneath.

Design suggestion: When designing for storage under the hearth, remember a raised hearth was designed to sit . Do your best not to expand the height of their wood storage past 18 inches, which is the standard sitting height.

Into the ceiling. Take your wood storage all the way to the ceiling to get a dramatic layout. Even a narrow layout similar to this can offer a lot of storage once it extends this high. This is very good for those who plan to actually place their chimney to use.

Design suggestion: make sure that your layout is practical. Something like this usually means you’ve got to think about how you will take out the wood at the top — you may need a fantastic step stool to help you out.

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Hidden on the medial side. This firewood storage is difficult to see from most spots in this living area. A tucked-away spot in this way is a fantastic way to camouflage storage which can become pretty messy sometimes.

Design suggestion: A custom made storage unit may be a fantastic way to accommodate more pieces of wood for additional fireplaces. Layout your firewood alcove with a more thickness to ensure everything matches.

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Flanking the fireplace. Following is a fantastic example of simple, symmetrical layout. Flank each facet of your fireplace with storage for maximum visual effect and much more room for logs.

Design suggestion: When your firebox storage pockets are visible at eye level, remember they will need to be look good even when there’s no wood interior. Putting a durable cloth on the trunk will make sure marks and scratches out of the wood won’t influence the overall appearance.

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Retrofit furniture. When you’ve got a freestanding fireplace and nowhere to home your wood, consider retrofitting a piece of furniture. This bookshelf became a creative way to store wood within this house.

Design suggestion: Many bookcases are only 12 inches deep, so have your wood cut to that length or shorter for a comfortable and tidy fit.

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Around the trunk. Take the focus off the wood storage entirely by building in an alcove round the rear of the fireplace. Here a simple wing wall shops the logs.

Design suggestion: Drywall is very prone to damage. Use caution when placing your wood inside an alcove similar to this.

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As artwork. Create a framed opening over your fireplace for wood storage, like in this stunning home. Instantly all of your wood becomes artwork — until you want to fuel the fire, naturally.

Design suggestion: Consider the height of such an artful creation. Like using the ceiling-high setup, you may need to maintain a step stool convenient to get wood down.

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Easy accessibility. Here a hinged access panel inside a cubby allows firewood to be transferred from a bigger wood stack (most likely in the garage) straight to the fireplace — no more venturing out into the snow to lug in firewood.

Layout tip: During the design phase, ensure the doorway of the accessibility panel swings into the space behind the fireplace rather than into the cubby. If the door is in the way, you won’t have the ability to close it once you have all the wood you want.

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