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Artful Organizers: Jars for Pretty Pantry Displays

The jar is a fantastic instrument for displaying the beauty of everyday ingredients. Jars supply beans, lentils and pasta a stage upon which they are permitted to show off their colors and shapes. Separated in their own boxes and plastic wrap, jarred rices, honeys, sugars and cereals are permitted to express their vibrant characters. Tea bags, tea leaves and coffee beans, too, seem so much better naked supporting glass.

Reduce the packaging that’s hiding your spices and foods, and let every staple add its artistic quality into your pantry while remaining handy.

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Candy jars. Let’s begin with the fun things. Candy shops are mesmerizing, both to adults and kids. Why? Because shopkeepers understand how to exhibit these hypnotically vibrant delights in an appealing manner.

Create the same impact in your pantry with conveniently shaped jars such as those; they have wide mouths to permit palms or scoops to take whatever amount is desired.

Do not be tricked by the name “candy jar,” by the way. What you place in a candy jar (heart-healthy grains or dried beans — hint, hint) is your decision.


Classic Glass Jar With Mint Green Lid by Dudads – $28

This vintage-style candy jar comes with a mint-green lid to add flair into a arrangement of jarred merchandise. Other candies jars come with stainless steel lids or metallic stands to get a more ornate look.

Tip: If optimizing pantry space is the number-one consideration, square-edge jars would be the most space-efficient shapes.

It’s all in the business. This cabinet was constructed for a variety of glass jars from tall to small and everything in between. White shelves white walls offer a clean background to flaunt the jars’ contents.

Think outside the jar (or the conventional selections). Repurposing fitting containers, such as these vintage spaceman beverage bottles, provides even more visual appeal.

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Consider colour. Even when vacant, coloured glass jars display nicely. Green canisters of varying sizes gently contrast against white subway tiles. Casting light toward coloured jars punctuates the dazzling display.

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Where to put a cabinet of jars. Due to their attractive appearance, jarred goods are able to earn a lovely display out in the open, as shown here alongside the refrigerator.

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Arranged next to a cooker, jarred spices and commonly used ingredients eliminate the need to hunt down things when you are cooking. Everything’s where it must be and in plain view.


If you don’t have shelf space for all the jars you want to surround yourself with, hang them high. Here’s how to attach jars into the undersides of shelves or cabinets.

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Label what you’ve got. No matter where you keep the jars, be sure you know what is inside if its contents expire.

Labels on the front provide easy-to-read information; they can be purchased at office supply or craft stores. You are able to write them by hand or print them from your computer on white or coloured stickers. If you don’t want to be stuck with labels, tie cardboard tags into the neck of every jar with matching ribbon or butcher twine.

Jars come in many different styles, finishes, shapes and sizes to create just the look you are looking for.

Using jars in other ways? Please discuss your idea below!

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