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Give Your Garden a Gate Mate

Do you need to keep little critters from your garden? Or nosy neighbors? Or maybe you require privacy in your garden. No matter what your problem is, chances are that a great gate is the answer.

It’s easy to discover gates made from iron, wood, cement and more. The materials are numerous, and the design choices are limitless. From contemporary steel sculptures to traditional wrought iron, some great gate is the best way to add privacy, protection and style to your lawn.

Zeterre Landscape Architecture

This contemporary metal gate offers complete protection. Notice how the dark gray-brown picks up on the colour tones of the surrounding stone. Stark black could have been jarring, but this color choice melds beautifully.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Want something warmer? This variant from AMS Landscape Design Studios is wood and has a Mondrian-inspired cutout strategically positioned at eye level.

The expansive standard of gates is your timeless iron strand attached to columns, stone, marble or cement. This version performs off the black and white colour scheme of the house, and two symmetrically placed planters perfectly balance front door.

Colletti Design Iron Doors

Should you require serious privacy, nothing says “Do not enter” just like a solid sheet of black iron. The arched top and designed panel maintain the look charming.

Colletti Design Iron Doors

If there’s a space in your house you wish to shut away from prying eyes, an arched gate set into a thick wall can be an attractive and effective alternative.

Colletti Design Iron Doors

A gate with two doorways allows the homeowners to open the gates wide throughout the day as a decorative accent, but keep them closed tight for protection at night.

D├ęcoration et provence

Open metalwork is a beautiful alternative for gates, especially stunning when placed high to frame the sky.

Exteriorscapes llc

If you’re looking for something more rustic, then try out an eye-catching wood gate at a special design. This custom-carved gate is held with ultrastrong brackets.

Pedersen Associates

Tempering rustic design with a little more structure, this stone and wood gate provides security and comes with an imposing presence.


Need a car gate? Do not settle for garage doors that are secondhand. This driveway gate by CSS Architecture overlooks the surrounding stucco walls also has excellent curb appeal.

Grizzly Iron, Inc

Whether you need a simple gate to greet guests and frame the garden, or a severe one to maintain our vermin and unwanted visitors, the choices are endless. Have a look at salvage yards for reclaimed choices or the regional lumberyard for a DIY rustic look, or think about a wrought gate.

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